Over Runs and Under Runs

A 5% allowance applies to all products. Customer will be billed for actual quantity shipped within these allowances.  Because of manufacturing quality and production standards there may be an occasional over run or under run. Certified Apparel will do everything possible to reduce this occurrence.

Return Policy

No returns on screen printed products are accepted.  Returns on blank product and cancelled or refused orders will be subject to a 20% restocking fee plus applicable freight charges.  Certified Apparel is not responsible for freight cost to return product.  Claims must be made to Certified Apparel within 10 days of receiving product.  If product has been improperly screen printed, Certified Apparel must be notified immediately for appropriate actions to be made.

Payment Policy

Customer agrees to pay the entire invoice price according to the terms.  Products and services sold on an open account will be due and payable within 10 days from date of invoice unless otherwise agreed to in writing in advance.  Any sum not paid within net terms or other agreed terms are subject to a collection charge of $7.00 plus 5% per month.  All transactions returned/rejected to Certified Apparel will be subject to a $35 returned fee for transactions up to $1000 or $50 returned fee for transactions over $1000.  All products remain the property of Certified Apparel until they are paid in full.

If suit or an action by an attorney is instituted to collect an unpaid amount, attorney's fees, expenses and costs shall be added to the unpaid balance of the customer's account and shall be due and owing to Certified Apparel.  Customer agrees to pay any collection costs incurred to collect the account balance including court costs, collection fees, and attorney’s fees.

Pricing Policy

Prices are subject to change.

Quotes are good until the end of the business week they are issued in.  Sales are offered on certain occasions for a limited time.  Pricing increases may be shown in the final price if orders are not approved for production by the customer prior to the expiration of the quote or sale period.

Trademark Usage Rights

All trademarks, logos and services are registered property of their respective owners and copyright holders.

Customers are solely responsible for obtaining proper written permission and licenses needed from the owner of the trademark, logo, copyright, and services in order for use.  Trademarks, logos, copyrights, and services can not be used in a manner which infringes upon a protected right or copyright.  Customers can not use any trademarks, logos, copyrights, and services in a dishonorable or unlawful manner.  Certified Apparel assumes no responsibility or liability for any unauthorized, improper or illegal use of  trademarks, logos, copyrights, and services resulting from a customer in which is printed on products ordered or purchased by the customer through Certified Apparel.

Customers agree to defend that Certified Apparel is to be held fully harmless from any and all claims, suits, or actions and from all costs combined with attorney's fees, alleging that the products ordered or purchased by the customer infringes upon a protected right or copyright.